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Home on the Range Inspections

Property inspections for the Central Texas area
  • 11th Month Warranty
  • Pools and Spas

  • Safety Inspections
  • Outbuildings

  • Sprinkler Systems

  • Individual Component Inspections (Roofing, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing)

Serving the Central Texas area and surrounding communities
Waco Home Inspector

Residential Inspections

What Our Inspections Include

  • Summary Report

  • Structural Systems

  • Electrical Systems

  • Heating, Ventilation, & A/C Systems

  • Plumbing Systems

  • Appliances

  • Optional Systems

Sprinkler Systems (Free)

Pools & Spas


What is a Home Inspection and Why Do I Need One?


A home inspection is a "snapshot in time" of the home and addresses the components and conditions that are present, visible, and accessible.

Residential Inspections are performed with the utmost attention to detail and care. All inspections are designed to give you, the client, the peace of mind you deserve when buying the home of your dreams!

All communication is clear and non-alarming, and provide the proper information you need to make an informed buying decision. Inspections are in electronic formats for your convenience and ease of use. Sprinkler system tests are also FREE for all inspections as a thank you!


Discounts are always offered for Active Duty, Veterans, Seniors, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, and EMS.

Check out a Home on the Range Inspections Sample Report HERE!

For Buyers

Hiring an inspector as a potential home buyer is invaluable, as an inspection report can uncover potential concerns like structural issues, crawlspace leaks, or improper electrical practices that could have otherwise gone unnoticed. Talk about unwelcome surprises! The inspection report gives you increased leverage in negotiations and the confidence to make an informed purchasing decision. Contact Home on the Range Inspections today for your Central Texas area home inspection!

For Sellers

Home inspections are extremely important for potential home sellers as well and yet is often ignored as a valuable asset. Hiring an inspector before listing your home on the market can give you more selling power, as you will already be made aware of the home's deficiencies. This provides an opportunity to make any appropriate repairs prior to selling, allowing you to maintain your home's value during the real estate transaction.

For Realtors

Why use us for your clients' inspections? Home on the Range Inspections is an affiliate member of the Waco Association of Realtors. We have Supra eKey access, because we know no one wants to wait around for an inspector! We're punctual, thorough, and customer-driven (shouldn't every inspector be?). On top of that, we service a wide area including Waco, Belton, Temple, and Killeen. We offer extremely competitive rates and a suite of discounts to help give your clients a much-needed breath of relief in this busy and stressful time. Most importantly, our inspection reports are produced with modern software to be detailed yet easy to read, not to mention we ALWAYS get our reports to you the day of inspection. After all, an inspector is only as good as his reports, and we offer only the best! Above is a link to a sample report to see for yourself!

Waco Home Inspector


Pools are an important aspect of the home that are sometimes ignored in real estate transactions. Don't forget to schedule an inspection for this important component to stay cool this summer!

We inspect various components including filters and pumps for proper functioning, as well as note potential safety concerns like electrical problems or improper fencing.

Waco TX home inspections


All irrigation system inspections are FREE as part of a standard residential inspection!


We inspect the various components of the irrigation system for proper spray patterns, damaged heads, properly equipped back-flow devices, functionality of zones, functioning controller, subsurface leaks, and the presence or absence of a rain-sensing device.

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